Text Message Marketing

SMS, short message service or, as it’s become more commonly known, text message marketing, has become so huge today that many customers don’t even realize that they’re part of a text message marketing campaign.

Do you receive texts from your cell phone company telling you about a new product or service? Or does your gym text you telling you when there’s a new class or promotion available?

If you get a text message from any business, or from someone you don’t know, the chances are good that you’re part of a text message marketing campaign.

More companies today are jumping onto the text message train and with so many benefits; it’s not hard to see why.

Still, so many small businesses can’t see those benefits because they’re so overwhelmed at the thought of this kind of marketing.

Doesn’t it cost a lot of money? And how is a business to build a list of numbers for the text message campaign? When are you supposed to even have the time to text all of those hundreds, or even thousands, of numbers?

It’s no wonder small business owners quickly give up even the thought of text message marketing.

But there is an answer for each of those questions

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