Facebook Retargeting

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Increase Your Website’s Conversions

Up to 98% of all of your website visitors leave without converting. Often times, they aren’t leaving because they are not interested. A distraction occurs; they leave your page to attend to it, and are gone without truly intending to be disengaged.

Facebook Retargeting follows those visitors onto Facebook. With the use of a special code, we place ads in front of them to bring them back to your website and/or special offers. The ads show up right in the middle of their news feed or in the right hand ads column.

We can use this same strategy with your list of email subscribers.

Facebook retargeting has become one of the most powerful online marketing strategies, bar none.

Why Facebook? Statistics show that the average user spends over 1 hour on Facebook every day. The ads show up right in the middle of their news feed, or in the right hand ads column.

These are warm ads as we are targeting people who are already familiar with your business.

You’ve most likely been the target of Facebook retargeting. Have you ever wondered why you are seeing a post on your Facebook page that is from the same company whose website you recently visited?

We can retarget your prospects for up to 180 days after the ads campaign starts.

The purpose of Facebook retargeting is to keep your brand top of mind with your prospects and build deeper relationships with them.

Get started with Facebook retargeting today and watch your ROI increase exponentially.

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