The World’s Top B2B Brands are Using Social Media – Are You?

Author: Tom Manke Social media marketing used to be a term associated with ‘business to consumer’ companies like Coke and McDonald's. The B2C social marketing approach had improved customer engagement and enhanced customer relations and profits for these companies. Today, social media marketing is also being utilized by B2B companies. Many B2Bs had been playing [...]

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How to Create B2B Newsletters with Proven Email Marketing Tips

Author: Tom Manke Many B2B marketers and business owners are still daunted by digital campaigns, using social media marketing or search engine marketing. Yet it's a fact that you need to be where your customers are, and that's exactly how social marketing or social search is helping B2B companies. But don’t forget about an older, [...]

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How Can B2B Companies Establish a Social Media Presence?

Author: Tom Manke   Let's finally face it - most B2B companies are clueless in nailing their social media marketing strategies. This shouldn't come as a surprise since social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are being used by B2Cs and have been connecting with fans and potential customers for many years. But it [...]

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Finding Ways to Increase Leads? Check Out These 6 Essential B2B Strategy Questions

Author: Tom Manke Business owners nowadays are made to feel that they can easily handle their digital B2B marketing strategies. A number of digital marketing tools are offering ‘sure-fire’ ways to improve lead generation through social media ad platforms or search marketing software, which really leads to conflicting data situations where B2B decision makers get [...]

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LinkedIn as the Ultimate Content Marketing Tool for B2B Marketers

How LinkedIn Can Enhance Content Marketing for B2Bs Is LinkedIn still a job-oriented site? Or, has it outgrown its original job seeker social media site to evolve into something much more powerful.  The BlueGreen Digital team sees  LinkedIn as a leading marketing opportunity for industry-specific companies. LinkedIn has been a great platform for industry professionals [...]

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